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15 noviembre 2010

15 going on 41?

I went to Las Vegas 4 years ago with my family. I was 15 that year (I was young, I know) That day we walked from 9:00am and it was 7:00pm, even though I was pretty young; my poor back wasn’t. We were walking trough New York New York, beautiful hotel by the way. My parents went somewhere, so I stayed with my 7-year-old brother.

My feet were KILLING me; I stop just in front of one of the Texas Hold’em table. Again, I was minding my own business; my brother was watching the game with me, when someone pokes me. I turned around and it was a girl from the staff. She looks at me and the words that came out of her mouth were heart breaker;

Madam your son can’t be watching the game. My what?! I thought, looking down at my brother.

I couldn’t say anything; I wasn’t old enough to be watching the game either. Sorry, I said, taking my brother somewhere else. My head was a buzz, my self-esteem went away and the only thing I could think about was I how old I looked.

I don’t know what bothers me the most, to “look gay” or looking 40 years old. I'm waiting for the day when somebody asks me if I’m a man. 

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